TrueHosting best hosting solution for your site

Automatic WordPress Updates

We update your site to the latest WordPress and security updates - often within hours of release - to protect you from newly discovered vulnerabilities.

WordPress Preconfigured

We install WordPress along with a number of battle-tested themes and plugins with every site, letting you avoid menial setup grunt work.

FREE SSL Security

We include a 1-click Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so the data passed between you and your site’s visitors is always safely encrypted.

Fast SSD Storage

All your files are stored on high-performance solid-state drives, giving you up to 200% better performance than traditional hard drives, or “spinning rust” as we like to say.

Domain Privacy

We're committed to your privacy. Unlike most providers, we still don't charge a fee to mask your personal information to safeguard you from creepers. $12/year value!

Unlimited Email @ Your Domain

Create as many addresses as you want with POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts. Plus support for autoresponders, webmail, filtering rules, and advanced spam protection.

Custom Control Panel

We've designed and built our control panel and dashboards entirely in-house, giving us plenty of flexibility to build the features and functionality that make managing WordPress easy.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Dual WordPress-optimized WAFs fight off malicious HTTP traffic, provide brute-force mitigation, and ensure your site and server remains safe and accessible. $250/year value.

Complete Domain Management

Manage as many domain registrations as you like with complete support for parked domains, subdomains, Custom DNS, and more. Become a true master of your domain with DreamHost.

SFTP Access

FTP is old, slow, insecure, and just plain gross. So we’ve phased out FTP at DreamHost in favor of SFTP, the encrypted, modern take on an old file transfer classic.

SSH Access

Optionally available for power users, SSH allows you to manage your website via command line shell access. We disable it by default for security reasons, but if you are sure you know what you’re doing, we'll happily flip that switch for you.


Interact with your site from the command line - or even programmatically - with WP-CLI. We sponsor WP-CLI and have been among the first to include advanced commands like wp-doctor and wp-profile.